There are two possible ways to monitor your dataset usage via downloads.


By checking "Dataset Metrics" on the dataset page

On the right-hand side near the top of the dataset page, you may view the "Dataset Metrics" counter, featuring "Downloads". 

Each file download is counted as one download. For example, if your dataset contains 50 files, and a downloader selects 25 files (downloaded as a zip file), the download count will be added as 25. 

The "Dataset Metrics" counter start from 1 November 2021. If you require the "Download" statistics prior to that date, contact the NTU Library


By pre-emptively applying a Guestbook

You may alternatively also monitor specific file downloads if you enable Guestbook on the dataset. A dataset Guestbook is a set of customisable questions answered by a downloader prior to dataset download.

This is only available if you have the appropriate access to the dataset of interest and its parent Dataverse. The benefit of this approach is that you may have more information on when and who downloaded your dataset.


1. On the Dataverse containing the dataset, click on "Edit" > "Dataset Guestbooks".

2. On the "Manage Guestbook" page, click on "View Responses" of the row of the enabled guestbook. 

3. On the "Guestbook Responses" page, you can view the individual file downloads. This is presented as a table with the dataset, date, type (of action), file (filename), user (name of downloader) and other guestbook questions collected.

You may also export a comma-delimited value (CSV) file with additional information, such as email and institution of downloader, by clicking on the "Download Responses" button.


For more information on how to setup, customise (optional) and enable this guestbook feature on a dataset, you may view this LibFAQ.


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