Yes, you can restrict access to your files. 

File-restrict function, also known as depositor-approved-access, requires readers to contact or request access from you (depositor), and you shall decide whether you will grant the download permission to the reader. DR-NTU (Data) custodians and data curators do not review nor grant access to restricted files.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your dataset. Select the file(s) that you wish to restrict > Edit Files > Restrict 

  2. Tick “Enable access request” (if not, no “Request Access” button will be shown to users). 

    And in the "Terms of Access" field, inform the users on how to gain access to your files.

  3. In case you are leaving the University, add additional email contact or appoint a custodian to manage future access requests.


What happens if people want to access your restricted files?

  • Scenario 1: Requestor is from NTU and has a DR-NTU(Data) account

Requestor can click "Request Access" and accept the “Terms of Access”. You (depositor) will receive email notification and need to decide whether to grant access or reject this request. 

Requestor will then get an email of your decision. If access is granted, s/he can download the requested files. 

  • Scenario 2: Requestor is non-NTU

Requestor can use the “Contact Owner” button on the dataset page to contact you (depositor). S/he can even write to you directly.
If you decide to grant access, please contact NTU Library to facilitate access for this external requestor. 

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