Crossref has two separate systems which interact with ORCID:

  • Crossref Metadata Search: The ORCID Search & Link wizard (no auto-updates)

  • Crossref: An auto-update system activated by invitation from your ORCID inbox

    The Crossref auto-update process is granted from a message within your ORCID Inbox (Crossref is currently the only system which uses the ORCID Inbox to send auto-update requests). The request is sent to your ORCID Inbox after a publisher submits a new work to Crossref, with your ORCID iD embedded in the metadata. If you choose to grant long-lasting permissions, Crossref will then update your record automatically whenever a new work associated with your ORCID iD is found in their system - from any publisher. If you do not want to grant permission to update your record with the new work, archive the notification from Crossref.

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