As a dataset owner on DR-NTU (Data), you may see the two options "Publish" and "Change Curation Status" under "Publish Dataset" on a Draft dataset.

  1. "Publish" option makes your dataset publicly available.
  2. "Change Curation Status" is a newly-added feature, typically used by Data Librarians, to indicate the status of the Draft dataset. You may view the Curator Guidelines to see the types of curation activities that Data Librarians perform.


Once a "Change curation status" has been set, it appears at the bottom of the dataset's title on the dataset page. It can be changed or removed any time, as long as the dataset is still a Draft or Unpublished



Upon publishing the dataset, the curation status is automatically removed from the dataset. In addition, there will no longer be a "Publish" dropdown for "Publish" and "Change curation status".

Do note that curation statuses are not viewable publicly, as it is tagged only on a Draft dataset.

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