First of all, welcome to the NTU community!

If you're currently having issues logging into the Library OneSearch, it is because the records of newly matriculated students have not been loaded into our system. These records will enable your entry (via card) into Lee Wee Nam Library as well as ensure you can borrow books. This will all be settled before the first day of the new semester.

You do not need to login to your library account to access e-resources. Access to your Library OneSearch account will let you view your physical loans, place a hold on books that are currently borrowed, and let you have access to other useful tools. You may check the FAQ link below if you're interested to find out more. 

Instead, if you find an electronic title you are interested in, click on View Online instead.


It will give you options of which collection you can view the article or e-book from, just choose one based on the description which lets you know if you have access to it. 

Once you have clicked on one of the links, you will be prompted with the E-Resources: Terms of Use. Please read through it at least once to understand what our Terms of Use are before checking the box at the bottom.

You will then be prompted with a login. Please use your network ID and password to sign in. This should grant you access to your desired e-resource. Typically for NTU students, you network ID is the front half of your email before the "@" symbol.

If you encounter any errors, please write in to the library at with a screenshot of the error so that we can help you troubleshoot.

Once again, welcome and we hope you have a good semester ahead.

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