The main objective of DR-NTU is to curate, host and disseminate the research work of NTU to as wide an audience as possible.

The benefits of depositing your papers in DR-NTU are:

a) Permanent URL to your publications: Once a publication is submitted to DR-NTU, a persistent URL (i.e., a permanent URL which will not change) will be assigned to it. Authors can insert this in any web pages or forward it to their students, colleagues and the public to link and read the full-text from DR-NTU.

b) Permanent Archive of your publications: DR-NTU acts as a permanent archive of all submitted publications. Once  publications are in DR-NTU, authors can easily retrieve their papers anytime and anywhere. 

c) Wider audience: More people will have access to your publications as these publications will be freely available rather than being limited to exclusive subscribers of databases and journals. This free access will benefit other scholars and researchers everywhere and will also lead to greater use and citation of NTU research publications.

d) Higher discoverabilities: Your publications will be easily searchable on Google, Google Scholar and other search engines. The wider exposure of your publications is likely to lead to a higher citation count of their works.

e) Indication of use of your publications: DR-NTU provides features that will keep authors informed of how many users download their publications and other usage statistics. This will give them an indication of the use of their publications.


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