You can choose to organize references in your bibliography according to reference type or by other customized categories. You can create your bibliography categories when you first begin writing a document or at any time during your writing project.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word document.
  2. Click Categorize References on the EndNote toolbar  - select Configure Categories
  3. Click the button [+] Category Headings to add a blank text field under Category Headings.
  4. Enter names for your categories e.g. reference types - Books, Journals, Web Pages. Organize categories based on how you want them to appear in your bibliography in Word.
  5. Click on All References in Bibliography to see your references.
  6. Now drag a specific reference to your category listed under Category Headings. The assigned category will appear in the category column next to the reference.
  7. Any reference not assigned a category will appear in the bibliography under the heading Uncategorized References.
  8. Click Ok.
  9.  You can re-name a category, delete a category, or move references between categories.

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