If you are a student who purchased books using school funds, this answer does not apply. Please check with your school administrator.

For NTU faculty and staff:

1. Bring the book to the Library’s Resources team

We will process the book and record it as a library item. It will then be loaned to you with no due date---we call this a "long-term loan".

  • Find us at Lee Wee Nam Library, Level 2


    If you stand below the staircase leading up to Lee Wee Nam Library, you will see ATM machines on your left. Look to your right and you will see the door to our office.
  • Kindly come during office hours, and call 6790-5214 to alert us before you come.
  • If you are assisting your colleague, please let us know who to loan the book to.
  • Processing will take 1-2 working days.


2. The Library will email you to acknowledge receipt of the book

You can include this as supporting document for your reimbursement claim.


3. When the book is ready for loan, you will be informed via email

The book will have to be returned to the Library when it is no longer required, or when you are no longer with the University.

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