Peer reviews can only be added to your ORCID record by a trusted organization.

The peer review section will not appear on your personal (private) ORCID record until a trusted organization has added a review to your ORCID record. You must make the review activity visible to everyone in order for it to also display on your public ORCID record.

This can be done by the organizer of the review or evaluation, such as a publisher, society, funder, or research institution, or it can be done by a third-party review recognition service, such as Publons, which works with review organizers to recognize your reviews.

In both cases, in order for your ORCID record to be updated, you will need to verify your iD by signing into ORCID, and grant the review organizer or third-party recognition review permission to update your ORCID record with information about your review contribution.

This is how it will look like in your ORCID record:

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