Use of Library computers and equipment is restricted to NTU Library members only.

The following is not allowed:

  • Using more than one workstation at any one time.
  • Allowing others to use your NTU network account or vice versa.
  • Copying, storing, transmitting or using any unlicensed copyrighted software or materials.
  • Accessing, storing or downloading data which is obscene, distasteful, vulgar, sexually suggestive or graphics which are prohibited by the laws of Singapore.
  • Using any obscene, distasteful, derogatory, vulgar, sexually suggestive or discriminatory language.
  • Unauthorised access to any system. 

Action will be taken against those who abuse the use of computers and equipment. The Library reserves the right to direct the offender to leave the library premises and to impose a suspension of library privileges. In addition, the offender may be referred to the University Administration for further disciplinary action. 

In addition, users are required to adhere to rules and regulations for computer account holders as spelt out in the Centre for IT Services (CITS) policy

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