The Library subscribes to selected lists of standard databases.  Standards include ASTM, British Standards Online (BSO), IEC standards and others which you can access within the section under Engineering databases on our webpage.  

There are also selected copies of print standards which you can search for within OneSearch To search for a standard, do a search all, limit to keyword, leaving a spacing between the prefix and the standard number, e.g.  ISO 9001.

Standards collection at the National Library Board

The full collection of Singapore Standards are available for viewing at the Standards Collection at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library at Level 7 of the National Library Building located at Victoria Street. The Collection is available from Monday to Sunday, 10:00am to 8:30pm (except public holidays).  All the standards are strictly for reference only. They include major international standards like ISO and IEC standards; Singapore Standards; and industry and consortia standards such as ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials.

Multimedia stations at the National Library and public libraries (except library@chinatown and library@orchard) allow browsing of soft copies of the ISO Standards, Singapore standards and technical references for free.

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