1. Backing up or saving EndNote library

An EndNote library is made up of a .ENL file and a respective .DATA folder. To back up or save the library, copy both .ENL file & respective .DATA folder to the desired location or device (e.g. thumb drive, portable hard disk etc). To use the backed up EndNote library, open the .ENL file using the EndNote Programme.

Note:  ENL file reads from the respective .DATA folder. Hence both .ENL file and respective        .DATA folder must be in the same folder. 

2. Backing up or saving EndNote styles/filters/connection files.

Backing up EndNote styles/filters/connection files is required only if they have been modified or when new ones have been created. 

To back up or save the style files, filters or connection files, copy the desired Style Files / Filters / Connection Files from their respective folders and save it into new (temporary) folder or device          (e.g. thumb drive, portable hard disk etc). Copy the desired files into the above folder locations (permanent) in your new computer.

You can modify the location in which EndNote saves and reads these files using these steps:
Edit > Preferences > Folder Locations > Select Folder.


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